Zanzibar Utilities Regulatory Authority (ZURA), hosts her first Meeting of EREA Portfolio Committees on 25th – 27th September 2017

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The Deputy Director General at ZURA, Eng. Hemed S. Hemed cordially welcomed all delegates to Zanzibar, and encourage them to explore the Island to enjoy the great hospitality of Unguja Island, and when time allows they can make a short tour to Pemba Island as well. Eng. Hemed, on behalf of the Director General - ZURA, officially opened the PCs meeting and he welcomed Eng. Charles Omujuni to continue chairing the meetings.

Addressing the delegates of PCs, Eng. Charles Omujuni who is a Director of Natural Gas at EWURA, thanked and applauded ZURA first for her effortful steps to join EREA in early August 2018, hardly one month following their admittance as a member EREA during the 9th AGA held on 16 June 2017 in Arusha. He also commended further the commitment of ZURA by remitting her annual subscription fees in in full amount for financial year 2017/18. 

Eng. Omujuni reiterated the critical role and works of the PCs in the implementation programmes and activities of the association planned for the financial 2017/18. He mentioned that the PCs meetings mark the first step in the implementation of the first and recently concluded Strategic Plan of EREA over the next five years to 2021/22. He urged PCs members to commit in ensuring timely completion of planned activities in each quarter of financial year 2017/18. He noted that by the end of Strategic Plan period, there will not be any activity left to be rolled forward to next plan period as long as all planned activities are completed timeously.

At the end of PCs meetings, delegates made a site visit to the power Substation receiving point of a 132kV submarine Cable in Fumba area.