1st Africa Regional Energy Regulators Summit (AERS 2022) 6TH October 2022

The Africa Regional Energy Regulators Summit is a unique, multi-stakeholder platform designed by the Energy Regulators Association of East Africa and aims at networking and exchanging information/experiences on the germane energy sector; and discussing the topical regional issues affecting the industry, amongst other things, the creation of an internal electricity market for Africa.

The Summit comes when the COVID-19 challenges have disrupted the status quo, especially on investment, competitiveness, trade, and globalisation in the face of other economic, financial and energy challenges, entrenching the African Development Bank’s ERI recommendations and exploring the World Bank contribution in spearheading energy development in Africa. Moreover, the Summit acts as a focal point for regulators in different jurisdictions to facilitate; the exchange of information, understanding of the issues faced by regulators, consistency in the application of regulatory functions and the review of new ideas about regulatory practices.

The Summit brings together the regulators, industry leaders, development partners, power utilities, energy firms, investors, financiers, academics, high-level policymakers, academics, and regulators worldwide to engage in strategic and meaningful conversations.

During the Summit, the following discussion topics are expected to be covered; an overview of energy regulatory frameworks, the status of energy markets in Africa, the Bank’s role in achieving a robust energy market, and effective regulation in Africa.