About Centre of Excellence


To build a pool of experts in the EAC and Africa, and to prepare for integrated, competitive energy markets, EREA will continuously and sustainably build the internal capacity of the institutions in readiness for modernisation and realisation of a robust African Energy Union. This will be achieved through:

• Collaboration with regional institutions, research centres, and development partners;
• Development of a Centre for Excellence ensures sustainable capacity building not only for the EAC but also for Africa at large;
• Supporting the development of an efficient power pool, dynamic regulation, competitive energy market thus increasing the social welfare for the consumers;
• Ensure studies/research collaboration is carried out to promote innovation in the energy sector and thus improve and enable the region to be on par with the trends in the rest of the world;
• Organising short courses and other training for the energy sector stakeholders;
A centre of excellence is, therefore, an ideal approach to ensuring a sustainable institutional capacity building framework.

Future Africa School of Regulation


EREA Capacity building areas

1. Energy Regulation

2. Electricity Markets

3. Petroleum and Gas markets

Why Africa School of Regulation

The specialised Centre of excellence carries out high level research in the three focus areas. In carrying out the capacity building programs, we aim to provide:

  • Research-based training;
  • Practical simulations;
  • Utilisation of extensive network of global experts;
  • Providing sustainable capacity building;
  • Supporting the development of African Single Electricity Market.

Upcoming pieces of training

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