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Welcome to EREA

The Energy Regulators Association of East Africa (EREA) brings together the National Regulatory Institutions of the East Africa Community( EAC) countries intending to promote a robust Energy Union. EREA was founded in 2008 by the Authority for Regulation of Water and Energy Sectors (AREEN) of Burundi; Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) of Uganda, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of Kenya, Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) of Tanzania, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) of Rwanda, and Zanzibar Utility Regulatory Authority (ZURA).

The objectives of EREA are to develop and promote efficient and competitive energy market in the East Africa Community through strengthening legal frameworks, establishing consistent regulatory policies and laws; share knowledge and information on energy sector; advise and assist EAC institution or robust regulatory issues related to energy; assess the evolution of the energy market, and initiate capacity building programmes for the energy sector stakeholder.

To achieve these broad objectives, EREA will set up cooperation with regional entities and development partners to establish appropriate mechanisms that will foster efficient and competitive energy market. With such goals, EREA will strengthen economic, commercial, social, cultural, political, technological and other ties for fast balanced and sustainable development of the energy sector within the East African region.


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