Our Approach

Our Centre hosts an extensive network of experts in energy regulation, electricity markets, and oil and gas from around the world. The Centre’s Capacity building goes beyond training; it is deemed a dynamic and interactive learning environment that involves various tools and methods specialised courses, policy seminars, expert group meetings, tailor-made training, peer-to-peer learning and knowledge and workshops. We deliver onsite pieces of training at the Secretariat, online sessions or at the clients’ institution.

Content Leaders

  1. Mr. Harold Obiga– Legal Regulation
  2. Dr. John Mutua– Economic Regulation
  3. Dr. Geoffrey Mabea– Electricity Markets
  4. Dr. Eng. Joseph Oketch-Renewable Energy and mini-grids
  5. Eng. Gerald Maganga-Petroleum
  6. Eng. Alloyce G. Oduor – Power Systems and pools
  7. Dr. Francisca Kuis-Appiah– Energy Regulation
  8. Prof. Askwar Hilonga– Renewable Energy content advisor
  9. Dr. Fazel Farimani– Petroleum and Gas Markets

Senior Fellows

  1. Eng. Ziria Tibalwa Waako-Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Regulatory Authority
  2. Dr. Frederick Nyang-Economic Regulation Expert
  3. Eng. Charles Omujuni-Expert in Natural Gas
  4. Eng. Godfrey ChibulunjeDirector-General, Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA)
  5. Mrs. Bihindi Nassor Khatib-Director-General, Zanzibar Utilities Regulatory Authority (ZURA)
  6. Mr. Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria-Director-General, Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority
  7. Dr. Ernest NSABIMANA-Director-General, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency
  8. Mr. Ernest N.T. RUBONDOExecutive Director, The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU)
  9. Mr. Balthazar Nganikiye-Director-General, Authority for Regulation of Water and Energy Sectors (AREEN)

Research Associates

Past Trainings

  1.  Rahel Kiula 
  2. Isaac Kinhonhi
  3. Lisbet Komujuni