1st Eastern Africa Regional Energy Regulators Summit (EARS 2024)

The Eastern Africa Regional Energy Regulators Summit is a unique, multi-stakeholder platform designed by the Energy Regulation Centre of Excellence(ERCE) and aims at networking and exchanging information/experiences on the germane energy sector; and discussing the topical regional issues affecting the industry, amongst other things, the creation of an internal electricity market for Africa.

The Eastern Africa’s potential for colossal energy capacity from solar and wind energy could accelerate the harnessing of low-carbon hydrogen. Hydrogen is an energy-rich element that does not warm the atmosphere when it’s used as fuel. It is estimated that the African continent could yield close to 5,000 megatons of hydrogen a year, equivalent to “global total energy supply today.” The focus on green hydrogen is potentially vital in promoting Green Transition and realising Low Carbon Economies.

The Summit brings together regulators, industry leaders, development partners, power utilities, energy firms, investors, financiers, academics, high-level policymakers, academics, and regulators worldwide to engage in strategic and meaningful conversations.

During the Summit, the following discussion topics are expected to be covered; an overview of Green Hydrogen regulatory frameworks, the potential for hydrogen to energy markets in Eastern Africa, and the Bank’s role in promoting Green Hydrogen.

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