Drilling Operations Training


Tailormade Training on drilling Operations: Oil  and Gas, Geothermal

15th- 16th  February 2023


Why This Course?

The Global Oil &Gas and Geothermal industry is experiencing an upsurge in drilling operations, with thousands of wells lined up for drilling in the coming years. For anyone involved, technical or non-technical,  it is important to fully grasp key drilling concepts, principles, risks,  efficient processes and their applications in today’s well construction projects.

Once Drilling Operations are fully understood and digested, the key learnings from this impactful course could help achieve all-around drilling success. This course reinforces critical drilling safety concepts and industry best practices, which could help avoid serious drilling accidents, economic losses, or even casualties.

What You Will Learn

  • Concise and straightforward learning about drilling and wells operations in general.
  • Drilling project processes and roadmaps, including concept Ă  construction Ă  operate phases.
  • Key considerations and workflows for drilling project optimisation, cost and quality control.
  • Key Well Design Concepts. Overview of key wells concepts, workflows of drilling operations
  • Field Drilling Operations: Rig Ops, Rig key roles and responsibilities, Rig comms & terminology, Rig safety measures and well control considerations, Key drilling contractors and their interactions.
  • Understanding and Managing Key Drilling Ops Risks: Technical, Project, HSE and Well Integrity.
  • Wells operational safety and environmental impact considerations.
  • Critical factors and considerations affecting optimal well construction.
  • HSE, Well Integrity and Well Longevity Assurance and Key Performance Indicators for efficient well construction.
  • Highly interactive & collaborative to promote steep learning curve.

Who Should Attend?

  • Policy Makers, Auditors,
  • Regulators, Inspectors
  • Project Managers, Project Cost Controllers
  • Energy Professionals
  • Recent Oil/Gas Graduates
  • Earth Sciences Professionals looking to diversify their skill set.
  • Wellsite Team Leaders


The Course will take 2 days


The training cost will be  US$200 per person.

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No cancellation and refund of the tuition fee is possible. Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. (In case participant registers with the wrong tuition fee and a refund is approved by EREA, banking costs shall be borne by the participant.)


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