Pricing in Mini-grids and Mini-Grid development


Tailormade Training on Pricing in Mini-grids and

Mini-Grid development

13th March -16th March 2023



The sub-Saharan region faces many challenges towards full electrification. Although various models have been employed to fill the gap, significant barriers exist to fully realise 100 per cent electrification. One such model is to deploy mini-grids. While mini-grids will not solve all energy access problems in sub-Saharan Africa, mini-grids are one of the best alternatives to providing electricity to people in regions far from national electric grids, especially those aiming for productive power loads that require more power than small stand-alone systems can provide.

The mini-grid projects have, in recent times, proliferated in Africa. However, many countries still face some challenges in balancing the investment in mini-grids and encroachment of the primary grid.

This training explores the mini-grid development value chain to equip the candidates with the necessary understanding of the various critical issues in venturing the investment and possible ways the risks can be mitigated.


The participants will learn about the mini-grids role in national energy policy in Sub- Saharan Africa, vital regulatory frameworks and policies, models of mini-grid deployment, licensing and concessions building, tariff design, technical standards and understanding the challenges in the mini-grid sector.

The aim of the course is to understand the following:

  • Setting up a Mini-Grid Business
  • Mini Grid Policy and Regulations
  • Mini-Grid Business Models
  • Technical System Design
  • Retail Tariff Structures
  • Licensing and concessions
  • Ownership and Operator Models
  • The arrival of the Main Grid
  • Challenges to Scale Up Mini-Grid Sector
  • successful Case Studies


The Course will take 3 days


The training cost will be┬á US$600 per person covering the venue’s materials, meals and cost.

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No cancellation and refund of the tuition fee is possible. Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. (In case participant registers with the wrong tuition fee and a refund is approved by EREA, banking costs shall be borne by the participant.)


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