Review of Petroleum Retail Station Regulations/Rules of NRIs In EAC

Development and enforcement of Regulations/Rules governing retail petroleum stations construction and operation are essential for East Africa to ensure sustainable development of this part of the petroleum supply chain. To spearhead a harmonised approach for  EAC member countries, EREA secretariat, through the technical committee drawn from these member states has reviewed the Petroleum Retail Regulations/Rules of the member NRIs to compare the provisions therein for purposes of improvements. The main areas of comparison in the Regulations/Rules were: 1. Construction approval, 2. Design, 3. Licensing, and 4. Transition period allowed after the implementation of the Regulations/Rules.

From this study, the member states, are considering enhancing and implementing the regulations focussing in the following areas:

  1. Stakeholder review process before construction approval;
  2. Distance between retail petroleum stations;
  3. Colour Coding of Tanks, Pipes and Pumps at the petroleum retail station;
  4. Decommissioning procedures; and
  5. The transition period for compliance of already existing stations.

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