Research on Viability of Net Metering Framework (Technological, Financial, and Operations) in EAC

Burundi is considering developing regulations on net metering and captive power. EREA is working closely with the AREEN to support them in the process. In Kenya, the Draft Energy( Net metering) Regulations 2015 were developed. These regulations are under review to align them with the Energy Act 2019 after the Regulatory Impact Assessment is complete. The government of Rwanda has committed to complete the process of developing captive power and net metering regulations by June 2020. The government of Tanzania drafted and published the Electricity Net Metering rules in 2018. However, energy netting does not include financial. Since it has not been implemented, consultations are ongoing on the best approach. In the same vein, the government of Uganda has already commenced a study on the possibility of net metering. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.