Review of NRI Grid Codes and EAPP Interconnection Code

The grid code and interconnection procedures, similarities and differences for EAC power markets have been identified. Some differences arise from the differences in Electricity regulations of the different NRIs. Uganda has a power exchange with Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya has exchanges with Uganda and Tanzania and is working on connecting with Rwanda.

From the review of the Grid Code, it is evident that the countries with power exchange need to harmonise the requirements and implement wheeling agreements to foster power exchange between countries.

The focus areas include:

  1. Adopting the grid code to power exchange,
  2. Develop a framework for system operators to implement the code
  3. Enhance code capacity to define operational limits of large grid-tied variable renewable energy (wind and solar)
  4. Operationalise grid codes after they are developed or reviewed

EREA continues to monitor the progress of implenting harmonisation process and the implementation of the wheeling agreements